Just while the wibsite is down…

Apparently, the Wibsite is down at the moment – Dave Walker has tweeted thus:

Note for all users of the wibsite blogging site: afraid we have a big problem so the site is likely to be down for a while. Apologies”

So, I’ve popped over to what I believe is a sister site (or perhaps a parent site?) to start with this, “A temporary view” – I hope to be going back to The View from the Teapot when the wibsite is running again, but until then I hope people might find me over here. I’m known as FatDormouse here (borrowing my monika from my other Blogspot blog) as it wouldn’t accept Dormouse, dormouse or even GlisGlis as an alternative user name.

I would have just continued with Fat Dormouse Getting Thinner, but for the fact that Blogger is still not playing nice, and won’t upload photos from my computer…so I can’t join in with the Less is More challenges – for which I’ve already made my cards!

I’ll put a Big Dormouse Shout Out on my Fat Dormouse blog thatI’m over here, but other than that, what can I do…I fear I may lose quite a lot of readers who found View from the Teapot via Vicki’s Grow Your Blog event. Sigh. Never mind. The one good thing, as far as this Techno-Idiot is concerned, is that due to the wibsite being an off-shoot of WordPress, I recognise the layout and how it works! Huzzah!

so: welcome to A Temporary View

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