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Less Is More Challenge 119

I hope that any crafty folk who pop over from Less is More note where I am – I used to be over at View from the Teapot but there’s  been a few technical problems, so I’m temporarily residing here. I was Dormouse at the View, but I’m Fat Dormouse now – not because I’ve put on weight (I hope!) but because WordPress claimed Dormouse was already someone else’s name.

ANYWAY! The Less is More challenge this week: One Layer card. This means “One piece of card folded in half with no additional layers and minimal embellishments, where the image is stamped or printed directly onto the cardstock.”  We were also instructed to use coloured card stock rather than white, cream etc.  I really am still learning when it comes to stamping and it is a great pleasure (while also being slightly intimidating!) what beautiful effects clever crafters can create with a few stamps and inks. I, on the other hand, am struggling to stamp a clear neat image with no smudges, thick lines or smears: if I can manage that I’m happy!

Because Mr FD and I are woefully disorganised, we missed the UK Mother’s Day; so, to cover our backs, we told our dear Mothers that we were following the French festival calendar.  La Fête des Mères is the weekend after next (the day after our 28th wedding anniversary!) so I thought I’d get ahead of the game. So here are my efforts:


This uses a yellow card (discount at Noz!) and some tiny stamps (free with a magazine!) plus marker pens. I borrowed the idea from an image on t’internet (as I have little or no imagination!) The sentiment is (natch!) hand written.

My second card also uses stamps I got free with a magazine, plus the same cardstock:


The images are coloured using watercolour pencils. While it fits the LiM brief, I did feel it was lacking something, so I added a bit of ribbon, and a label. I felt that did the trick:


…although now it probably can’t be considered for the challenge. Never mind. I still prefer it this way! What do you think?